“Give Your Desk More Style (and how I doubled desk space)”

I can’t speak for others but when everything around me is neat, clean and clutter free (being easy on the eyes is a plus, too) it makes me a much more productive and a far happier person.

If you remember from a few posts ago, I mentioned that I had been trying to clean up and organize our office.  It has been a process and continues to be.  Ugh, long and grueling.  But I’ve gotten to a point now that I can sit in here and be comfortable enough to do some work.  Most of which is made possible by the desk I sit at.

I’ve had two huge pieces of 3/4″ MDF standing around the basement for quite some time.  What better time to use them than now.  They each measure 26″ x 70″ and they couldn’t fit more perfectly against this wall, stretching across the entire wall (that’s a lot of work space).  Using this DOUBLED my desk space (and who couldn’t use more of that?!?)!  On one of the days of my “cleaning and organizing” I decided to bring up the MDF and lay it across the top of the desks.  That was an instant “Whoa”.  I did need to use a couple of 4″ x 4″s  to hold up one side because of the sag but the amount of workable surface doubled in an instant and that is an absolute gold star for me.  I thought I might try to paint those stripes white so that I don’t mind how it looks but the attempt I made didn’t really impress me. (I’m a very visual person.)

Desk before.

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CONTACT PAPER!  But what i used wasn’t exactly contact paper, it is an off brand that works exceptionally well.  They make so many different patterns now almost anyone can find something they like.  So I started my hunt.  I came across this fancy schmancy contact paper and thought, why not really class this joint up.

As soon as I got my delivery (and the kids were all snug in their beds – NAP TIME!!!), I went right into the office and laid this down.






With the exception of hauling the MDF up 15 steps, that stuff is super heavy, this was the easiest thing I’ve ever done as an effort to “improve” my surroundings.  Plus, there are lines on the back of the paper to make measuring and accuracy easier for the user.  Great!  There were no fancy tools needed, I used my hand but you could use something long and flat to smooth it out.  I didn’t have any issues with bubbles AT ALL which is probably why this was SO easy.  Here we go.

The kids have started coming into the office with me, so the organizing, cleaning up the mess, this in MY room only has gone completely out the door.  Ugh.

Start at one end of your surface.  Place the roll where you’d like to start.  If needed, guide yourself with the lines on the back of the paper.  Roll about 2 feet out, enough to keep it set in place and make sure the roll itself doesn’t move.  Then where the sheet begins, peel the backing off and keeping it as straight as possible, lay it on the surface.   I used a piece of wood to hold the roll down.  I worked in about 18″ sections.

Roll out the paper, move the wood, peel the backing, smooth out with hand , REPEAT until done.

Roll out the paper, move the wood, peel the backing, smooth out with hand , REPEAT until done.  This literally took all of 15 minutes with the two desks and worth every minute.

Then snip the end off, fold under the edges, you’re all done.

I’m not a photographer. Clearly.

Final piece.

Now I feel like I can almost decorate and get something done in here.  Have a great day!




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