“Christmas Pom Pom Garland with Jingle Bells”

My tree looks bare. I used nothing but glass ornaments for my entire adult and since having babies three plus years ago, trying to build up a good selection of shatterproof ornaments has proved challenging unless I want to spend a butt load of cash on some seriously cool ornaments (which I don’t). I’d rather slowly accumulate ornaments we make along with a mish mash of ornaments that hopefully will look somewhat decent together.

With this said, a few years ago I saw this pin from on Pinterest for Pom Pom Garland with jingle bells on it and I fell in love. I made two of them, one with large poms and bells and one with small poms and bells. I love the both of them and keep them prominently displayed at Christmas time for my viewing pleasure.

The first pom pom garland I made, with small poms.

Back to my tree. I’ll start by saying that my three year old has become the leader of our house and knows how to get his sister to do the things he knows not to do (in front of me). The tree has become an object of his torturous desire and when I’m not looking he tries to shake it around to see what will happen. When I am in sight, he makes little gestures at his one year old sister to get her to do his dirty work.  This isn’t an application that works with the tree only, he uses this technique everywhere he wants sissy to do something bad.   How better to know if the tree is safe than by putting our own personal alarm on it? This garland gives the tree just that. When either of these kids try to mess with our poor Christmas tree, the jingle bells will be just the alarm I need to run through the house yelling like a crazy lady and making spirits bright (or rise).

It’s super easy to make, inexpensive and really much quicker than most DIYs.  I think it took me about an hour total, maybe an hour and a half.  That’s while waiting for dinner to be done in the oven and putting out all the fires the kids try to start. All you need is:

Yarn, String, Bells

Here is yet another pin from on how to make a pom pom really easily with a piece of cardboard.  (I do like me a little pinning action every now and then.)

So the first thing you should do is cut a piece of cardboard to about 3 1/2″.  Then start making the pom poms.  Although it takes the longest time of this project, it’s still pretty quick.

Then line up your poms and add your bells in between so you have it all laid out in front of you.

The line up.

Then you can string them all up.  I didn’t cut my string (in this case, twine) ahead of time, I used it directly off the spool to make sure I had enough.  It ended up being about 16 feet long with my poms and jingle bells about 6 inches apart.  On the first two I did a few years ago, I tied each bell into place so that there was no movement.  Being that this one is for the tree, I want to be able to freely move the bells and poms so that they can hang over the branches.

Stringing them right along.

All 16 feet of pom pom and jingle bell glory.

The poms and bells stranded together.

Very easy and fun to do with the kids (if you have the patience).  I ended up making the kids jingle bell bracelets while the bells were loose with some elastic and a gigantic pom headband for Isla.  I just quickly tied them to keep them occupied while I finished stringing this up.  She wore that headband for all of 5 minutes!  But she loved it for at least the first three, I swear.

Okay, so I feel like this really pulled the tree together nicely.   Now me and the kids have to make more ornaments.  I think we’ll try the cornstarch ornaments again this year.  Last year we tried but I rolled them too thin and they all broke in half but two.  Anyone want to see how to make pine cone ornaments?  Hope you enjoy!

The garland on the tree!



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