“DIY Burlap and Satin Table Runner”

I haven’t written a post or done ANY projects in a couple of weeks.  I’ve been busy trying to clean and organize the office/craft room that has (over the course of a couple of years) become the junk drawer of the house!  Nap time has been the only time to do so because many of the toys that get taken away when the kids misbehave end up there to retire.  So it’s taking FAR longer than I expected.  But today, I decided to take a few minutes to get to this little project that popped into my head – out of my head and into my hands.  You see, I came across a package of ivory satin binding in that sty and thus began the ball.

Since Christmas time, I’ve been looking at the very plain burlap runner I one day decided I needed to have on my (massive brag moment) self made buffet table, that sits underneath my self made magnetic chalkboard, with my self made tool box sitting on it.    <—  What a show-off.  I’ve been thinking that I really need to do something with it but it’s a passing thought that doesn’t carry itself through my day.


The runner. The plain old runner.

So when I came across the satin binding, I had the AHA moment.  This morning I set out to complete my thought and put it together to see how it would work. . . and I love it.   The textures are so opposite that its like the yin and the yang.  They were just meant to be together.  I also like the straight clean line look, there’s something about straight clean lines I just really like, hence the table.

This was so very simple to put together, just pin the binding and sew basically.  To make it even easier, I just saw iron-on binding on Amazon!  I can’t say how it will turn out but here is a link to it, you try it and tell me how it works!!!  Here’s what you will need:


The total length of the table runner is 68″.  That’s the cut of burlap I used as well.  I started by pinning the burlap directly into the binding.

Place burlap into the binding fold and pin.

When you get to the corners, it gets only a little tricky.  Keep going around the next length (after turning the corner) placing the binding underneath the burlap.  Just until you have enough to maneuver the binding.   There are many different tutorials on how to fold corner binding, I’m not an authority, I just did what felt right and it somehow worked.

Like so.

Then just fold it over at an angle into the corner and pin.   *Side note* – Sorry about the sloppy finger nails.  I generally keep them cut right down but my son has become obsessed with nail biting and I’m trying to show him that it is okay to let them grow.

Apply the fold to the front and the back sides.

Once you’ve gone all the way around pinning you can get ready to sew it.

Pinned and ready to sew.  See the nail biter back there!

I used a straight stitch to sew, no need for anything fancy.  Sewed about an 1/8th” from the edge of the binding.

Sewed at about an 1/8″ into binding. I should have started the other way but hindsight . . .

My sewing settings for this project.

Then iron down your corners and you’re done.   Maybe a 20-30 minute project at the most.  About two hours with the kids running around (hehehe).

Final piece.


So much neater now.



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