“DIY Wood Burnt Ornaments”

Having the little ones really does get me into the Christmas spirit.  I never really cared for Christmas before or any of the things that go along with it, such as making ornaments or having keepsakes.   I liked my tree covered in glass bulbs and white lights.  The things I remember about Christmas growing up are getting a new stocking and two of them were exactly the same (for girls – I have a brother and a sister) so we had to choose a teddy bear pin (brown or white) to distinguish whose was whose, really great paper Filipino lights that had so many brightly colored lights and blinked like crazy, and a gift given to my grandmother that had gone so horribly wrong that she cried on Christmas morning.  We didn’t have any actual “tradition” except being with one another.  I would like to start a tradition in our house that every year, we make an ornament.  Maybe even together.

This year I decided to make these wood burnt ornaments to not only add to the tree but to sort of mark the first year that the kids have ornaments that maybe they can have on their trees when they grow up.  This morning we made cornstarch ornaments but I’m not sure how long they will hold up, especially with how non gentle I am at storing our Christmas decor (but the lights seem to make it every year so I guess I’m not AS rough as I feel I am).

So here is my version of wood burnt ornaments. . .


The first thing is to figure out what the heck you’re going to put on the ornaments.  It took me probably a day and a half of brainstorming for minutes at a time (yeah, minutes – that’s what you get when your kids are animals).  These are what I came up with.

Penciled on drawings and sentiments.

Then after placing the pointiest tip on the wood burner, I let it heat up for about 10 minutes.  Once heated, I went over the pencil lightly with the burner.  

I then used a pair of pliers to change tips to a pen nib type tip.  Let it heat up once more, which won’t take long, I know, I didn’t use pliers the first time.  Then I went over everything one more time.

I love these two. Isla loves stars right now. It was one of her first words. And if you’ve followed my blog at all, you are well aware of Oliver’s love of trucks. They were both so excited when they saw these.

They seem to be missing something.

So after all of the burning is done and they’re all laid out, they seem to be missing something. . .

Fill in.

I used Sharpies to fill in some areas.  I would have used acrylic paints but the kids were both awake and running amok by the time I got to this point.  It would have prevented this from happening had I been patient enough to wait.

Sharpie bleeding.

But it doesn’t look so bad when it’s not directly in front of your eyes.

When I got to this point, I felt like a couple of these needed a little bit more.  So while I was cleaning up after dinner, I heated the burner back up and put a few more embellishments on a couple of these.

The finished products have ever so lovingly been placed on the tree.  Oliver placed the truck in a spot where he could regularly put his hands on it and I asked Isla to point to where she wanted hers put.  Dammit I love these kids.

On the tree.



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