“FREE Christmas SVGs”

In the past few weeks, I’ve had to slow down a ton as a bout of tendinitis has hit my forearms pretty hard.  Particularly my right side, which is my dominant so getting anything done has become a massive and painful task (but its on the mend).  With this, I’ve set myself in front of my laptop more and realized that instead of downloading free SVGs from other really awesome blogs or buying them, I could probably create my own.  Sure, it takes a lot more time and a lot of skill (that I no doubt lack), but God damn, do I like a challenge.

Here are some of the SVGs that I’ve created and am very happy to share.  They may be a little bit amateur (actually very amateur) but I’m just as proud as a peacock that I’m learning something new and I did them all by myself.  Very much like this blog, I’ve done it on my own.  You can tell with all the flaws, hey – that’s my handy work!  And I’m still learning.  My little sour patch kids make it hard for me to live inside my head as much as I’d like to  but that’s what naps and bedtime are for.

Oliver is working on dropping his last nap and I’m scared that I won’t be able to do get anything done!  But in just a few short years, they will both be in school all day and I here in my head.  Ugh. . . wipe away my tears and just keep typing.  And have I mentioned that he’s three?  Well, three and a half.  Three year olds are tough. . . and hard. . . and pretty much suck.  There’s those obvious moments where they are at the brink of making the house collapse, and they suddenly sit next to you and tell you that you are his best friend, then you look at him like he’s the holy grail, but holy crap I cannot wait until he turns four.  This in and of itself makes it hard to concentrate on ANYTHING and when I can do, he doesn’t let me for long.  But, I am his best friend and he is my love.  So he will always come first.  Unless his baby sister is awake, then she takes precedent depending on the situation.

Anyhow, I just want to share what I’ve been able to do with the spare time I can carve out of the day and that someone is able to like and use any of these for themselves!

With each download there is an SVG and a PNG included.  The only thing I ask is that you credit with any commercial use.  To download, just click on the link on each caption.


Pick & Cut Trees  picktrees


Ornaments – You can download each separate.  Just easier to show in a collage!  Merry & Bright is my favorite.   Ornaments


Now Hiring! There is also a black and white option.   nowhiring


Merry & Bright  merrybright


The Fa La La’s here, The Bah Humbug’s there.  falabugs


Cut Your Own cuttree

So that’s that!  I hope you are able to use these – or at least one of them!  I’m open to any ideas if you’d like to share, maybe I can try and create what you conceptualize.



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