“REVISIONS: Truck Book Shelf with Moving Wheels”

I just wanted to throw in a little update/revision/things I would change post in since this post had so much popularity and so many inquiries.  My son’s truck book shelf (<— see it here) has been awesome.  It still is.  The kids BOTH love it.

Truck shelf with moving wheels

  1.  It’s sturdy.  Both kids have tried to climb it to get Blaze and the Monster Machines down.  Successfully (*sigh*).  Make sure if you make this or eventually purchase this (wink wink), you hit the studs perfectly or you use some kick ass anchors.
  2. If I had to change any one thing regarding the design of it, I would make the shelf wider for more books or more lean for the books.  Making 4-5″ shelves would be ideal.  There have been times when my son will pick up his room and become frustrated because the books are falling back out (lack of lean and shelf space).  But this leads me to #3 which is how I resolved the falling books situation.

Falling books: we’ve solved it.

3.  To solve this issue, I tried to use string.  That didn’t  work.  Especially with my kids.  They jump, they climb, they               push and pull. . .  But heavy gauge wire did the trick.  Here’s how . . .


String doesn’t work. This was just my original photo.

18 gauge galvanized wire. And snippers.

Measure 3″ from the top  of the shelf’s lip and 1/2″ inward in all 4 spots.  Mark with a pencil.

Measure and mark.

Then drill your holes into the marks.

That’s the spot.

Insert your screw eye hooks.

Screw eye hooks in.

Then attach the wire on one end and pull wire to the other end giving yourself at least an excess inch and clip.

Temporary hold until clipped.

Form a hook on the end that you clipped to hold it in place and move your child out of the way so that you can wrap the wire around the hook so it’s not sticking out in a fashion that could hurt someone.

Hook to hold.  I had to keep working from side to side because my 1 1/2 year old loves to help.  This helped to finish off the other side and she couldn’t pull the wire out since it’s such a heavy gauge.

After your first piece is nicely wrapped around the screw eye hook, pull wire as taut as possible and work it around the eye hook the same way as the first.  Repeat for all shelves.

Wire up, books are safe. Good to go.

You’re not finished until you test the efficiency of your work.  Or someone else tests it. . .

And she pulled with all of her might and shook and in general did everything she could to test its integrity. (Yes, that wire was fixed.)

Oliver stayed off to the side playing with a bulldozer while all this went down.


Wire up, books are safe. Good to go.

Just about a 15 minute fix.  It’s been up for just over a week and a half and it’s still going strong. Now, the only reason the books are on the floor is because they’re “reading” them and throwing them on the floor!



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